Studio Without Walls   

John Hames Photography

Currently, Studio Without Walls is once again without a location, truly a studio that has no walls.

Until then, please check out RISD CE for courses that I am teaching.

Scheduled for the Winter semester of RISD CE, I will be teaching the following courses:

Photography: Introduction (Section 1)


Start: 1/10/2018 End: 2/14/2018 Time: 6:30-9:30pm Days: Wednesdays.

Contact Hours: 18

Photography: Introduction (Section 2)

Start: 1/13/2018 End: 2/17/2018 Time: 9am-12pm Days: Saturdays.

Contact Hours: 18

Landscape Photography: Winter Vistas


Start: 1/28/2018 End: 2/18/2018 Time: 1-4pm Days: Sundays

Contact Hours: 12

Photography Foundations: Composition

2018/CW-3093-01 Start: 1/13/2018 End: 1/20/2018 Time: 1-4pm Days: Saturdays
Contact Hours: 6