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Studio Without Walls: The Name

A few people have asked me about the name for our studio: Studio Without Walls. It's an interesting question, and one that deserves a thoughtful response.  First, the name was created more than 30 years ago, when I first started what I considered to be a photographic service.  Having no studio of my own, I worked on location, wherever the pictures were, wherever the subject was.  It worked well for many years, and I continued to use the name for publishing purposes as well as my own professional nom de guerre.

But there is something else that the name signifies that should be considered by all who want to learn about photography, myself included.  It refers to what it takes to become a photographer, what it means to be an artist, and what it means to be alive in today's complex and often intimidating world.  Studio Without Walls refers to those walls that keep all of us from growing and changing and breaking loose of expectations, whether old and haunting, new and difficult, or self-imposed. 

It refers to breaking down those walls that confine us, learning how to grow beyond them and become what we never believed we could be until we really tried.  It refers to growth, change, limitless possibilities, and new challenges.  It refers, ultimately, to what we aspire our art to be, what we would like our lives to become, and the recognition and acceptance by our peers that is often the key to letting ourselves be ourselves.

It's not an easy path, but you have to start somewhere.  If you want to be challenged, if you want to learn, if you want to grow with new experience and new friends, then perhaps Studio Without Walls Photo Workshops represents an opportunity for this yearning to be nurtured.  We understand that life is an experiment; that nothing is taken for granted; and we understand that growth does not happen overnight. 

It's a long process, and the motivated artist understands that it's  full of setbacks and challenges.  But the artist also knows that it's ultimately up to themselves to make it happen.  No one will do this for you, you have to take the first step. 

Talk to the people that have attended our events and you will learn that a step in this direction can be something that could change the way you look at your art and your life.  At least it's a place to start the journey.

We hope you can join us at Studio Without Walls, and knock down some of your own walls.  We hope to be there on the other side with you. So come on along. 

You will never know until you try.

- John Hames