An Instagram photo of John in the early days, in the main room of the studio, February 2013

by Sean Doolan Hames.

   Studio Without Walls   

John Hames Photography

The Old "Mission Statement" below. (Studio Without Walls is no longer a functioning studio, but I am still teaching photography courses of all types at RISD CE).


Studio Without Walls Photo Workshops (established in RI in 2009 on provides an educational and practical, low cost venue for aspiring photographers and models, hair and makeup artists, new or experienced, to learn basic techniques of approach and application of ideas in a variety of outstanding, unique locations and informal yet encouraging learning situations; working with a team of individuals who are cooperative, laid-back, and easy to work with; cultivating an environment where creativity and risk-taking are always expected. In short, creating a community where there was none, teaching new tricks to old dogs, exciting the young to follow their passion, and having a damn good time while we are at it. 

It is perfect for photographers that have some experience, and knowledge of their Digital SLRs, who want to broaden
their base of knowledge with a variety of workshops that include Alternative Lighting Techniques, The Intimate Portrait, On-Location Model Shoots, Introduction to the Nude, International Travel Workshops, and Film Developing - we are always coming up with new ideas for workshops and events. Newer members will feel comfortable and part of the family immediately. We constantly have unique and evolving opportunities for fun and learning with a growing group of like-minded, social individuals from our area, with whom we can network, bounce ideas off of, and connect for other, more fascinating work.

We've had such success with our model shoots that we have broadened our offerings to include Modeling Workshops, and we are proud to have encouraged the work and commitment of so many creative individuals, both in front of and behind the cameras. We intend to expand our offerings to include more workshops where models can learn and practice their art.

The Workshops are founded and administered by John Hames (Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Savannah College of Art & Design), who has taught photography for 15 years at the University of Rhode Island, Salve Regina College, Rhode Island College, the Beijing Institute for Fashion Design, and currently teaching for the Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education Certificate Program in Photography (in his 14th year), and who has an extensive 40 years of photographic and travel experience to draw upon. We are pleased to have you join us! _______________________________________

“If I have to describe John Hames in one word, I’d use “outstanding”; not only as a teacher, but also as a photographer and a person. Without a doubt, I can say that John was the best professor of the digital photography program at RISDCE.” – Angel Chiriboga, 2009

“John has traveled the world, and has a mastered the practicalities of being in a new city or foreign country. He has an uncanny ability to chronicle the events of his life and experience, and an astounding visual/emotional aptitude for relaying the human experience through photography. John is a generous teacher, cultivating a creative environment for you to hone your unique skills as a photographer and have your own authentic experience.” – Anna-Marie Opgenorth, 2010

“John is a talented photographer but as a teacher he possesses a real gift. There are those teachers in our lives that have an impact on us because they open our eyes and make us want to do better, I will always remember my kindergarden teacher and also John Hames.” – Chelynn Sheehan, 2011

“John is extremely well-versed in both the technical aspects of photography and the aesthetics of composition. He also has a remarkable breadth of knowledge of prominent and historic photographers. Therefore, he is able to give his students feedback on a variety of perspectives to help them improve the critical details of the image and better depict the dramatic impact of their work. John’s articulate and gentle feedback guides students of any level to improve. John has a critical eye that uncovers the most surprising details, yet always finds the beauty in every photograph.” – Jamie Corbman, 2011

“While John is clearly expert in the technical components of photography, where he flourishes is his approach to teaching it as an art form. From that very very first class session, a new paradigm emerged. My approach to photography was forever and favorably altered. “ – Michael Fiedler, 2005

“He uses his technical knowledge and artistic intuition to produce high quality images in a journalistic style. What has always impressed me about John is that, despite the depth and breadth of his travel portfolio, John has an innate and impressive capacity to remember detailed information about the location and subjects in each photograph. In this regard, he is not only an excellent photographer, but a curious and intelligent observer of the world around him. ” – Regina Collis, 2010 _________________________________